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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Selling to us
  • What is Gamerok?

    We at Gamerok specialize in selling in game currency, ships, characters and other items for the brilliant cosmic sci-fi MMO Eve Online. We offer 24/7 customer support service and probably the largest range of items for Eve Online. Being experts in Eve Online, we are able to deliver even very large orders in a short time and develop and offer the safest transfer methods. We will do our best so that you have the best Eve Online shopping experience.

  • Is Gamerok affiliated with CCP Games? is in no way affiliated with CCP Games, the developer of Eve Online.

  • Is it legal to buy in game items?

    Buying Eve ISK and other in game items is legal. However, it violates the Eve Online EULA. We state this clearly and honestly. And you respectively must understand the risks. We in our turn always do everything possible so that your account is not sanctioned.

  • Why is it safe to buy from you?

    The safety of transactions with us is based on 2 essential factors:
    a) We take the highest possible security measures when we farm the items offered for sale. We use the safest farming methods.
    b) We always use the safest delivery methods, change these methods as soon as a practice becomes widely used and consequently less secure. Our scope is to offer an unique transfer method that provides the highest safety level.

  • How do I contact you?

    Please refer to our Contacts section to send us a message. Alternatively you can simply send us an email to And finally, we suggest you to just start a live chat session - our friendly live-support agents will be glad to answer any questions.

  • How do I place an order?

    Simply select the product you need - click "Add to cart" - go to the checkout page - fill in all the requested info needed for delivery. After that our system will redirect you to the payment processor page where you can safely and securely send a payment for your order.
    After payment, you will also receive an order reference number - it will be displayed on the page which is our system generates after a successful payment. The reference number will also be emailed to you.
    After that - please simply provide our live-support agents with your reference number to have your order delivered.

  • How do I receive my order?

    The delivery may vary depending on the type of product you purchase. In most cases you will simply have the ordered items in your hangar in Jita. Please contact our live-support to receive exact information for the product you plan to buy.

  • How long till I receive my order?

    In 95% of cases you will receive your order immediately. We constantly keep large stock so you can benefit of your purchase quickly.

  • Where do I find my order reference number?

    Your order reference number will be available on the page to which you are redirected after a successful payment. If you closed that page accidentally or canceled the redirecting, please find it on your email - it was also automatically emailed to you.

  • How can I pay?

    You can pay using almost any type of bank cards issued by most banks throughout the world - credit, debit, prepaid cards. Payments from cards are processed by safe and secure payment processors such as PayPal, Moneybookers, Clickandbuy which even allow you to quickly checkout without creating an account on their websites. Also, if you already have accounts with the payment processors and if you receive payments to your balance - you can pay from your balance in PayPal, Moneybookers, Clickandbuy.

  • You only accept USD and EURO, but my account currency is different from these 2. Can I pay?

    Yes, you can. The payment processor will automatically convert the currency and send a payment to us.

  • Why my payment is marked as eCheck in PayPal?

    This means you're sending a payment from your bank account because the amount of funds you have on your PayPal balance and/or credit card attached to your PayPal account is insufficient for sending a payment for an order. As a bank transfer, such payment will be deposited to our PayPal account, but in a longer time - usually in 5-7 dyas. In such cases we will have to wait until the eCheck payment clears after which our system will send you your order reference number and we'll be able to proceed to delivery.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Our refund policy is simple and clear - we will refund your payment upon your request within 24 hours since you contact us with the request in case your order hasn't been delivered to you, yet. We will not refund if you have already received your order.

  • How do I ask for refund?

    Please simply contact our live-support agents, provide with the reference number for the order you want refunded and tell them you need a refund. Or alternatively send us an email to, put your order reference number and request a refund.

  • Can I cancel an eCheck payment?

    Yes, you can. Please contact our live-support agents, provide them with your email with the payment processor you paid through and tell that you wan't the eCheck payment cancelled. Or simply email us at and provide the same information as described above.

  • I cannot log into my account. What do I do?

    Please try to reset the password on the website on this page. If that does not help - please contact our live-support provide with the email address you used for your account on our website - we'll reset your password.

  • I forgot which E-mail I used for my Gamerok account. What do I do?

    Please contact our live-support agents or email at and describe the problem. We'll will require some additional info regarding your previous orders, will find your account and send you your authorization information.

  • I created a new account at Can I have my discount transferred to my new account?

    Yes, you can. If for some reason you decide to create a new account, please contact our live-support or email us at and provide with your new email. We will transfer your discount to your new account.

  • Do you buy ISK?

    We may buy Eve ISK from you in cases our own stock is low. We welcome professional ISK farmers and strive to build long term relationships in the regard of ISK supplies as this is important for the safety of transactions.

  • How do I sell to you?

    Please contact us at and describe your will to sell ISK to us. We will send you more details regarding our requirements for collaboration in supplying Eve ISK and will discuss in private about the collaboration model.