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Tanking techniques in Eve Online: Part II

In this article we’ll review some of the other tanking techniques like passive tanking, signature tanking and meta tanking.

Passive tanking is the techinque when you use passive shield recharge to receive less damage. It reuires no action from the pilot. These kind of ships use shield extenders to increase the shield hitpoints and have increased recharge rate of the shield. Unfortunately, not all of the vessels have the ability to use passive tanking effectvely, it’s more likely to use it on Drakes or on the Onyx.

Signature tanking is a mixture with defensive and offencive modules. You should select a ship that will receive as little damage as it’s possible because it has reduced signature radius. Frigates are perfect for this roles, especially the assalt frigates. You can use different boosters that will reduce yout signature radius.

Other tanking techiques are called meta tanking and are used to avoid any damage at all. That means you’ll have to use your maximum speed, or even stay our of enemies firing range. Also there’s a possibility to use jammers to minimize enemies targeting possibilities like range and speed which in a combination with good speed will allow to avoid any possible damage. And at last a good way to stay out of enemies fire is to use cloaking and spec ops ships.

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