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Ninja salvaging

Ninja salvaging is considered a good career option for players who are new to Eve Online and are seeking to gain good money with minimum skill requirements. A ninja salvager is a player who salvages ship wrecks and sells all that is valuable from them. Usually this is done when other players are doing level 4 missions and ninja salvaging unlike other salvaging methods is done against the will of the player who is flying these missions.

While ninja salvaging is a controversial thing to do but its main advantage is that it requires minimum amount of skill points to use. Also it’s important to understand that while ninja salvaging won’t make you popular among other players they cannot attack you if you’re only salvaging wrecks and not looting wrecked ships. In most cases it’s a safe thing to do and most of the pilots won’t risk their valuable ships just to destroy your little and cheap vessel. Also salvaged items are quite small and in some cases are very valuable and at hubs with a lot of level 4 agents you’ll be able to constantly salvage wrecked ships having a good flow of isks. 

Unfortunately, sometimes it can be dangerous to ninja salvage because you can be sometimes attacked by npc’s if the mission runner will decide to leave the mission. Also you won’t be able to use tracktor beams and in time it becomes less profitable than other carriers. Also, the last and not least – ninja salvaging leaves a lot of upset players who deal a lot of harm in the future.

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