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Battlecruisers in Eve Online

Battlecruisers are powerful ships that were made for combat. They are hard to beat and they are able to fight different types of enemies. Also they can improve the overall effectiveness of the whole fleet and besides that can be good combat salvagers. Their main strength is the ability to perform a role of a tank and they can equip a wide range of weapons and use different drones.

Unfortunately, battlecruisers can be quite slow and can become a good target for tacklers and are weaker than battleships. There are tier one, tier two and three battlecruisers for each race. You can choose between Prophecy, Oracle and Harbinger and Absolution and Damnation for Amarr in tier one and two respectively. Caldari have the Drake, Naga, Ferox and Nighthawk and the Vulture. Gallente pilots are able to fly Myrmidon, Talos, Brutix and Eos and Astarte. And finally Minmatar have the Tornado, Cyclone, Hurricane for tier one and for tier two they have Claymore and Sleipnir.

The new Crucible expansion offered new tier three battlecruisers. They have more firepower but that comes at a cost. Their armor is quite thin, they don’t have the ability to fit good defensive module and their price is very high. This fact makes the tier two battlecruisers a better choice for pilots who like to tank.

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