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What to do if you’re tired of missions

In time every player that spent a lot of time on doing missions in Eve Online comes to the problem of not knowing what to do next in the game. Eve Online is a game where you can freely choose what you want to do and unlike other MMO games you don’t even have to pass the tutorial part or the campaign.

So from early minutes of the games you can do whatever you want. And of course a lot of players will do missions from the start but in time everyone will grow tired of doing the same things all over again (like kil0ingl a random number of enemies, delivering a package to the other system and etc.). Some of the players even don’t know what to do after the missions. In this case we advise you to find a good corporation and help them throughout their activities and this way you’ll get to know Eve Online from the most interesting side. Eve Online is not about the campaign or the missions, it’s about interaction with players, it’s a social experience where you do PvP fights more than PvE, you trade with real players, you produce for them and etc. So after you’ve doe some missions, gained experience, received a good ship and fittings it’s time to move further and join a group of players to find out if Eve Online is really worth your time.

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