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Titans in Eve Online

The most powerful and the most famous ships in New Eden are titans. You’ll have to spend a fortune to buy one and if you loose a titan you’ll regret a lot. The titans are as big as space stations and can weapons of incredible destructibility. They rarely appear on the battlefield but their appearance on the battlefield is always remarkable.

The first versions of the titans were constructed by Jove Empire and they served as large transport. Soon such ships appeared in other empires and later on alliances began to use these giant vessels for their needs.

The size of the titan makes less experienced players think that they are space stations that are able to accept docking requests from other players and even from those players who possess ships that can’t dock at usual stations. A titan is able to use a terrifying weapon called the doomsday weapon. With a single shot it can destroy smaller ships and damage bigger vessels. The downside of this weapon is that it can make only one shot in an hour. Also a titan is able to create a hole in space that is similar to a stargate and is able to transport the whole fleet to a titan’s location. This makes a titan a powerful weapon for any alliance and tool that make the space warfare and transportation much easier.

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