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The history of Eve Online

Eve Online’s story is a story of New Eden – a world where humanity has gone far in technology and now is available to build gigantic space ships, travel with a fascinating speed by using the warp technology, create clones and explore galaxies. Quickly expanding humanity began exploring new solar systems and building colonies. And when scientists invented the Jump gate to the new system – New Eden a lot of people rushed to the new world and began constructing new settlements. 


But after a disaster the Jump gates were closed and the new settlements were cut off for Earth and quickly lost most of their technologies and became separated. The remnants of these settlers were divided in four playable races in Eve: Caldari, Amarr, Gallente and Minmatar. Each of them had their own ideology, environment, ships and territories.


The main goal for a player is to gain control and fight for power in many different ways. A player can join corps, alliances, explore unknown territories and join epic fights. Eve Universe is more than 5 thousand star systems, huge amount of wormholes and there are multiple warp gates which players are able to use to travel in a nick of time from one end of Eve to another.  A player has the possibility to be directly involved in the story of Eve Online and is able to take part in the history of New Eden.


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