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The Impact of Bad Standings

 While you can have good standings with factions, corporations, and agents, you can also have negative standings with them. Not that your faction standing will decrease, when you attack and destroy particular ships that belong to those factions, whether you engage them or not during missions. Lots of pilots decide to avoid these missions to not affect faction standings.


Negative standings had a tremendous impact after falling below -2.00 before the expansion of Dominion. If an agent’s standing with you was -2.00 or below, the agent would not interact with you. The same standing score with corporations would keep its agents from offering missions to you. In case of factions, the same score would keep you from getting missions from any of the faction’s agents. A lot of players found themselves in a kind of black hole of standings, where they had so awful standings with factions that there wasn’t hope to get any missions from that faction and, thus, improve their standings. The sole way of improving faction standings was to either run missions for other factions that are friendly to the needed one or join somebody and share standings with them, till improving them much enough to get access.


This situation was eliminated with the Dominion expansion. As of today, you can run missions for all level 1 gens irrespective of standings. This provides players with an opportunity to improve bad standings and secure access to agents with greater rewards.


If your faction standing is -5.00 or below, the faction’s navies will attack you on sight, once you enter their sovereign territory. Remember that faction navy ships aren’t Concord. Concord is the official police force and it only interferes, in case of a crime in high-security space (such as striking another pilot without the right to kill), and you can get away from the navies, while getting away from Concord is a sort of a feat.


By Gamerok - eve online isk

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