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Tanking techniques in Eve Online: Part I

In our previous review we’ve described the basics aspects of tanking in Eve Online. But in this article we’ll describee some major tanking techiques that will help you increase your ships effectiveness and avoid losing your vessels.

First of all if you’re into tanking you may want to try active tanking. It means that you actively restore your shield and armor points with the use of boosters, repairers and etc. This technique will let you control your shield and armor during the fight but as a darkside of it active tanking modules consume a lot of power from the capacitor. So it’s very important tohave your energy skills high enough and have different modules that can help you restore the capacitor. You will lose energy fast with the use of shield boosters, but you’ll have shield recharge rate much faster. On the other hand the armor repairers do not need so much energy, but they repair the armor slower.

Another technique is remote repairing. The remote repairing will allow you to repair your ship while other vessel repairs you. It is also known as spider tanking when used in a gang. Such vessels as carriers or logistic ships have remote repairing bonuses and can be quite useful to repair other friendly ships.

By Gamerok - eve online isk

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