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Tanking in Eve Online

Tanking in Eve Online is a tactic or a technique that allows you to receive higer amounts of damage without being destoyed. There are three layers of defence: shield defence, armor and structure. In most cases tanking refers to shield or armor defence. It is important to know that if the shield goes less than 25% the gamage goes to the armor and after the armor is removed the damage is taken by the structure and eventually the ships gets destroyed after the structure points are gone.

There are several ways of tanking. At first you can increase your shiled or amore points by using different types of extemders and additional armor plates, you can boost skills or add implants. The second option is to actively repair the damaged shield or armor and to make sure that is doesn’t loose all the points. They can be restored by shield bossters, different armor repairers and etc.Also you can boos the shield recharge rate by special skills and use different modules for it and of course – you can increase the shield’s resistance by which makes it hard to damage the ship with different tupes of ammo.

In post case pilots use shield or armor tanking and avoid structural damage due to the fact that is quite risky.

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