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Staying safe in the Empire

Some players think that staying in the Empire is safe because of CONCORD’s presence. CONCORD is able to come quick to player’s rescue in most situations but in some cases even this kind of force cannot help and it’s important to maintain some safety measures that will let the player avoid unwanted trouble.

At first not to transport valuable goods like minerals or other valuable items (especially this is true for PLEX) if there’s a possibility to avoid it. For example it’s very dangerous to undock at Jita with a PLEX inside because there’s a lot of chances to become a victim of the suicide attack. Yes, these ships will be destroyed but in most cases this kind of attackers will use cheap ships and this way they will gain a lot more than lose.

The second thing to be avoided is looting other player’s destroyed ships. If you will loot a player’s wreck or a wreck that will be left from the destroyed enemy the player (and his corporation members too) will have the right to attack you without being destroyed by CONCORD. This means that even conflicts with players with small ships should be avoided because they can ask for help and of course some of these players will be very skilled and thus dangerous.

By Gamerok - eve online isk


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