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Several golden rules in Eve Online

There are a lot of guides and articles for new players in Eve Online but it’s also important to keep some basic things in your mind to be ready for even the most unpleasant situations. Here we’ll talk about some of these things or golden rules of Eve.

At first be ready for a fight even in the high-sec space. The only safe place for you is the station, when you leave it you always put yourself at a risk. This means that it’s important to avoid taking valuable items in your cargo because there’s always a chance for you to be attacked by suicide gankers.

Always double-check when somebody is making you a really good offer. There are a lot of scammers in the game and scamming in most cases is completely legit. This means that if you lose isks, a ship or some valuable items because of the scam this will be completely your fault and nobody will punish the scammer. Most of the scams happen in the contracts or by the use if the local chat.

Don’t fall for high prices for certain items. Not all of them and even the T2 ones are as useful and effective as you may think. In most cases T2 items and ships can be almost as effective as the faction ones. Sometimes it’s also good to check the prices for certain items on other systems and stations because you always have a chance to save some isks.

By Gamerok - eve isk

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