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Setting up a Ship

 Knowing your encounters will define your ship’s setup. Various online mission resources and guides are a great source of info concerning ship configs and mission tactics. You should take time to review these websites before the start, same as making your own notes about things that do and don’t work for you.


There are no correct ships or setups for missions. But, there are wrong ships for sure. Every player has their own skills and preferences. You will need different tactics for different missions. While we didn’t include all combinations possible, we’ll provide several suggestions.


The current set of missions assumes encounters with any enemy: Serpentis, Angel, Concord, empire and even navies. You aren’t restricted to the ship type you would expect to face in the belts of the region. You should be ready just for any opponent out there.


The first thing you should do is determine the damage your enemy deals and set the defenses required for survival against the enemy. Then, load the proper offense modules to destroy the enemy. The tactic you choose will define the rest of your ship’s setup.


The mission’s nature will also influence your tactics. If it’s a regular-space “Kill” mission, you may easily control your distance of warp-in and arrive at a needed location for your fitting. For encounters in dead space, you can be deposited in the midst of an NPC swarm, not being able to get out of trouble, so you will have to be ready to tank all the damage.


Don’t be scared of altering your ship’s fitting between your missions. In fact, you can do it even when on a mission. At times, you require different Tactics or damage resistances to complete a certain mission. Moreover, some devoted mission runners have several ships, each of which is fit for a particular mission type. Instead of having to re-setup your ships for every mission, you may choose a vessel that is already fit. This is a great way of reducing your turnaround time, but not the cheapest option at all. The key to successful mission running is to know what and when to fit. Of course, you will have to learn it the hard way.


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