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Scamming in Eve

Scamming is a common thing in Eve Online. If you’re new to the game than you have increased chances of getting scammed by one of the many players who use different scam techniques to get additional isks. It’s important to understand that different market and contract scams and etc. are actually allowed by the game developers so if you’ll get scammed there’s no use in complaining to the game masters and the community – you’ll have to get over it.

One of the most popular scams are contract scams. This is a common thing especially at stations that are popular trading hubs. For example a player creates a contract with a set of high-grade slave implants. A player may think that it’s a full set of implants but it’s not. Instead of a highly expensive implant you’ll be able to see a significantly cheaper implant. This way you’ll buy a set of items that is in fact cheaper than on the market.

Other scam type looks alike like a Ponzi Scheme. The player is asked to give the scammer money and in some time he will be granted double the amount he gave. While in fact in most cases the scammer will return the first amount doubled if you send him a much more significant amount of isks he won’t return anything and will end the chat thus leaving you without any money. Of course these are just two of the popular scamming methods and there are many more, but it’s important to understand at least some of them to be able to stay safe.

By Gamerok - eve isk

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