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Sansha’s nation: Part I

Sansha’s nation in Eve Universe is a group of people who once was very powerful and now is regaining their strength and influence. They had plans to build a new society that was relying on slave labor and was built around a small group of elite but all of these plans were interrupted by CONCORD intervention. 

In the initial plans the society of the Nation the main labor force consisted of brainwashed zobie-like slaves and was controlled by a group of scientists, philosophers and etc. The society gained power and wealth and soon became big. Unfortunately for them their society was destroyed by a coalition of five empires (including even the Jove) and the leader - Sansha Kuvakei destroyed. After several decades later all of the Nation’s remnants began rebuilding their society.
Despite the fact that in the past the Nation was almost destroyed, they somehow regained strength and started a massive assault on several regions of New Eden.  They began abducting people and some say that they wanted to rebuild their slave population. However, the capsuleer fought back and in some situations there were able to drive off the attackers. The next assault of the Sansha’s Nation began on the capsuleers and were led by the Sansha Kuvakei himself that somehow was resurrected. 
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