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Raven in Eve Online

Raven is a great battleship that is perfect for high-level missions because of his ability to use cruise missiles and also in some cases it can be good at PvP. He has a bonus to cruise and torpedo launchers and both of the missiles.

The Raven can equip up to six launchers, has eight high slots, six medium slots and five low slots. Also it can equip drones with 75m3 drone capacity which is perfect for a combination of light and medium drones. Mostly the Raven is used in PvE because he can deal a lot of single target damage and can fire at long ranges. In PvP it can be used in POS warfare because of its ability to fire torpedoes and deal a lot of damage to stationary targets. Also Raven is quite a decent tank and is relatively cheap at the market.

It won’t take much time to be prepared for a good Raven fit and train skills that will be enough to equip all the needed fittings that will be good for level 4 missions. It’s a good idea to equip all the launcher slots with cruise missiles and use the two high slots for salvagers and tacklers. Also it’s great to equip the mid slots with shield extenders, invulnerability shields and of course with shield boosters. The low slots are usually equipped with several ballistic control units and etc.

By Gamerok - eve online isk

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