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Races in Eve Online - The Gallenteans

The Gallenteans are Self-confident, intervening, pompous and sometimes boring; on the other hand they are active and courageous liberalists and those how defend freedom in the world. They say one may love the Gallenteans or hate them, but never ignore them. Everybody has their own opinion about the Gallente Federation, that all would depend from which angle one sees them. For a large number of people, the state of the Gallenteans is the Promised Land, where any aspiration can be realized. The Gallenteans are descendants of Tau Ceti Frenchmen. They have always been and remain strong followers of free will and human rights principles, regardless of different setbacks in their long historical past.

The territory of the Federation is fairly vast and diverse. Wherever one goes, he / she will always discover some new, different, interesting and fascinating things, even when they return to the same location once again. Gallente society is in a constant state of progress, change, movement and progress.

At the same time, not many societies comprise such stark contrasts. Fairly many Gallenteans enter the numbers of the most wealthy people in the Universe consuming and demanding luxury products, on the other hand the number of the poor people reaches millions. The Gallente economy is a free one, allowing some people get to the top, and throwing others into poverty and need.

In the universe of EVE, the Gallenteans are known as the kings of entertainment, mass-producing almost everything from cheap adult movies to mindful spectacles for ever-hungry consumers. They produce the most fancy deluxe space yachts, and boast the most shining hotels. Anything your imagination could ever desire, the Gallenteans have got it.

The Gallenteans are not the only inhabitants in their state / Federation. There are present various other residents, varying in numbers and representing virtually all the other races of the EVE universe, most of whom abandoned their own lands because of political or ideological difficulties, or simply wishing peace, success and prosperity.Besides these there live 2 more human races, the Intakis and the Mannars, whom the Gallenteans came across at the time of exploring and broadening their empire. Both were at a fairly low level of progress and development when the Gallenteans found them, but since joining the Gallenteans, both races have blossomed and are nowadays full-fledged members of the Federation.

The Caldari were at first part of the Gallente Federation but fairly principial differences and reciprocal animosity between them and the Gallenteans pushed them out to find and establish their own land and state. For some period of time, the two empires were in war against each other, but since neither managed to gain sufficient advantage to become the victor, peace was settled in the end.

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