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Races in Eve Online - The Caldari

Corporate capitalism is what the Caldari State is built on; it is run by several huge corporations that have divided the Caldari territories between them. These corporations rule and control every aspect of Caldari society and life. Corporations are the basic social unit, all the mega corporations are made of smaller ones, ranging from industrial, production companies to law firms. The territories, land is in the possession and administration of another company that lends it to particular citizens. The "corporativeness" applies to government, executive and other powers - independent companies are in charge such institutes as well.

The above mentioned gives the corporations huge powers, close to dictatorial. However they obey to Caldari legislation as any particular individual. And the unstopping competition existing between the corporations creates a healthy consumer-oriented social environment.
The Caldari state is fairly small compared to that of the Gallenteans or the Amarrians; however they are feared and admired throughout the universe - their military techonology and might is not less avdanced than that of the other races, their economy is stable and strong. And taking into consideration the fact that the Caldari are even more unscrupulous and immoral when it comes to the means using which they achieve their goals than the Gallenteans; and that they are more combative and aggressive than the Amarrians, this makes them probably the most envolving in any affairs of any races. 

The Caldari are difficult to deal at a political level as a state in the sense that most of their activities are initiated and done by corporations and not the state. For instance, when a caldari trading corporation is found guilty of dishonest or criminal operations, the company simply dissolves, disappears, and from its parent corporation a new company shortly appears and takes the place and the role. On the other hand, when a particular company is threatened or its interests are hurt, the whole corporation and fairly often the whole Caldari state allocates forces and resourses to back the member up. 

Military traditions are strong among the Caldari. As a state and people, they had to go through long and bloody wars before they gained their independence. They even had to abandon their home planet - it was surrendered to the Gallenteans, the hated enemies of the Caldari. That war for independence was the time and reason for corporations to become the main driving force of the Caldari society and state. Even if the Caldari do not engage into wars for many years, they still consider military technology a major priority, and strive to have cutting edge and most modern weapons, spaceships and combat methods that is only inferior to those of the Jovians, the most enigmatic race in Eve.
To restrain their agressiveness, the Caldari actively engage in and cultivate a range of sporting activities. Many of the sports loved by the Caldari are brutal and bloody, such as gladiatorial-like competitions. Gambling accompanies the sports, being a massive industry in the state - the Caldari love betting on the results of whatever sport or competition.

Another trait of the Caldari is discipline and regime. If a Caldari citizen respects the law and established for centuries way of living, their life can be fairly pleasant and well provided for, however those who dislike such a living and go against it, may quickly lose their status, respect, even family, and the only option for them would be exiling..or probably suicide. The Caldari are not xenophobic as such, but strongly protect their way of life and only tolerate and accept those foreigners who respect and adopt to the rules.

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