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Races in Eve Online - The Amarrians

The largest in terms of extend of the powers in the universe of EVE Online, the Amarr Empire covers 40% of the inhabited solar systems. The state of the Amarrians is ritualistic and authoritarian led by the Emperor. Other representatives of power are the Five Heirs, they are the heads of the 5 royal families from which a new Emperor is chosen. The monarchy is unquestioned and absolute, the Emperor exerts his rule directly, in person, and the archaic and bureaucratic government model does not offer other ways . If not the Emperor, the Five Heirs govern in his name in their corresponding territories.

The Emperor and the Five Heirs are expected to live for at about 500 years - there are extensive cyber-implants plugged into their bodies to keep them alive and functioning. The use of cyber-enhancements dates back many thouthands years, and are perceived as a symbol of royal divinity by Amarrians.

Amarrians are also known as fervourously religios people. Religion has always been of great importance to them and fairly often has been the motive of great good and great evil. The religion of the Amarrians allows slavery, and enslaving has been practiced by the Amarrians every time they conquered new terrotories, and even today salvary is present and is an important part of Amarr society. This of course has led to spoiling the relations with other races, particularily with the Gallenteans for whom freedom and democracy is a matter of principle.

After the collapse of the Eve Gate, the Amarrians were the first people who re-discovered the lost Warp technology, specifically the Jump gate technology. The Ammarr managed to use jumping through gates about 2000 years ago, that allowed them to explore and expand upon nearby solar systems. Thus the building of the Amarr empire began. During the expansion, they met to other human races who were obviously inferior in terms of technology to the Amarrians which led to enslavery.

Recently though, there has appeared a fairly strong opposition to the Amarrian practices, views and even technology. First of all, there is the Gallente Federation that is smaller in terms of territory, but not inferior in terms of economy and military power.

Secondly, the race of the Jovians appeared on the scene who humiliatingly defeated the Amarrians after they made an attempt to subjugate the Jovians.

And finally, the race of the Minmatars, who been conquered and enslaved for centuries by the Amarrian Empire, used the opportunity, rebelled against their masters and won independence.

As a result of the above-mentioned fateful events that took place almost 200 years ago, the Amarrians had to learn restraint and slow down their expansion. That also influenced on the relations with other races, the Amarrians are now less forceful, but still pose, perceive and behave themselves as the most powerful race in New Eden.

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