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Playing Eve Online for the first time

Eve Online is a popular and very unique MMO with its captivating gameplay and unusually beautiful graphics. But some aspects of Eve may be quite difficult to understand to those who are new to New Eden. That is the reason we’ve brought you these four tips for a player who is new to eve.


1. At first it is recommended to start a trial account with which you can explore the world of Eve for 14 days (and in some cases more) without paying any money. It will still allow you to do most of the things a normal player can do in Eve so go ahead and try Eve for free.


2. Try the tutorial. It will be the best if you go through the tutorial missions and do not skip it. This way you’ll be able to learn the basics of the game and especially some moments that are not common for other MMO’s.


3. Carefully study the Neocom bar and station menu’s. They contain most of the functions you’ll need in the game and knowing them will help you get along with even the most difficult parts of the game.


4. Choose your profession. In Eve Online you can be a fighter, a pirate, a miner, a trader or combine these roles. In fact each of them is a unique and a deep experience that can make you carried away and spend a lot of your time on Eve.


Despite the fact that Eve Online can be quite difficult for a new player and has many unusual elements it can be a fun and a great experience if player takes time and tries to study the basics of the game.


By Gamerok -  eve isk


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