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Mission Rewards: LP Store, Security Systems, and Loot

 LP, or Loyalty Points, can be one of the most significant rewards in agent missions. Once you start running missions for a certain NPC corporation, you will begin to receive Loyalty Points and get access to the store of the corporation.


Loyalty Points are associated with specific NPC corporations. Thus, mission running for agents from one corporation will increase your LP’s amount. You can access the Store by clicking the proper service button, when at a station that belongs to the corporation.


Once you get access to the store, you’re able to see the entire spectrum of offers obtainable from that corporation. Every offer can demand a certain combination of LPs, ISK, dogtags, and built items.


Normally, the requested built items are the Tech I version of what you’re trying to get. Dogtags are a general demand for lots of offers of the Empires. They can normally be collected during missions from ship wreckages from hostile Empires. Be cautious, because your ship can get destroyed, if you carry these tags in the space of the faction you got them from, as it’s illegal.


The broad range of possibilities and offers combined with the dynamic market of EVE make getting maximum profit offers sort of a black magic, but you should generally aim to get about 1,000 ISKs for each spent LP. Of course, if you’re just purchasing things for your personal collection, you can apply your own measures.


Now, let’s get to security levels. The security level of the system, where you are on a mission essentially affects your rewards. You’ll get higher mission revenues and higher amounts of LP’s in systems with lower security levels. The upper quality agents are all found outside of Empire space.


Although mission running rewards in systems with lower security are higher, the risks are higher as well. Mission runners must expect being ambushed by pirate groups in low security areas. Thus, it’s very important to watch your back in such territories.


There are some missions, which can spawn a pirate group ship as one of the target objects. These seldom spawns result in much higher bounties and can as well drop valuable equipment. Faction spawns are also available on the level 4 missions, such as The Blockade and Worlds Collide. You may want to visit the Mission chat channels in the game to learn more.

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