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Mission Rewards: Generalities

One of the principle causes of mission running is finances. Mission running can become a very profitable venture through bounties, Loyalty Points, loot, and mission rewards. The reward levels derive from various factors, such as your agent’s level, their quality and effective quality, the system’s level of security, and your security status. In general, mission rewards are not so profitable in 0.0 and low security space, unlike in zones with a high security.


Thus, mission rewards can vary. Eve Online has a dynamic algorithm, which averages out the time spent on each mission’s completion and the more time spent for a mission the greater rewards are awarded. Mission’s difficulty is automatically defined by the agent system based on the average mission duration, so any 2 missions that take about the same time for completion will give almost the same rewards, if ran through the same agent.


Base mission pay is the most evident return on a mission. Mission pay is the first ISK figure shown on the offer. It varies in dependence on the abovementioned factors. Bonus that is awarded after mission’s completion in a specified time frame is the second principal reward. This reward could be trade goods sold by the agent’s corporation on the market or cash.


For encounter and kill missions, you’ll also get loot and bounties as income. In a lot of circumstances, kill mission bounties essentially exceed agent’s rewards for a particular mission. Nevertheless, you won’t find bounties on each ship. You can trade the tags dropped by the main faction navies. You may trade them for ISK on the LP Store or for offers.


In encounter missions you normally have to zip around a few structures. At times, these structures will leave loot after destruction, including rare skillbooks, implants, and other stuff. You should review mission notes for every mission and see which structures can potentially drop items and deal with them, not touching the rest.


In the end, all non-plot agents as well offer LP (Loyalty Points) for mission completion. Point amount depends on a mission, modified by the agent’s solar system security rating, the agent’s base quality, and your current skill levels in the relevant divisional skill connections. These points can be used in the LP Store on unique items that are related to your mission.


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