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Mission Mining and Low Security Space

 The majority of encounter missions include asteroids in their plot. These are usual asteroids that can be mined. Most often, you will only find Veldspar or other low-grade ores, but in some missions you may come across Gneiss, Omber, or other rocks of similar quality, including Empire space areas.


You should note that while lots of combat missions include asteroids, the mining missions have only asteroids required for the mission and just the quantity needed for it. Also, these asteroids include special mission ores, which can’t be used in other missions.


You may profit from mining these, specifically since you’re probably the only one mining at that moment and the risk of the ore stealth is quite low. Moreover, it will be rather difficult for war targets or pirates to locate, if you are not in a belt, but in a mission, which adds to your security.


If you continue mining for a long time, you may encounter NPC pirates sniffing around you. You will harvest the same type spawns, like in other asteroid belts of that system. Thus, if you’re mining, you have to always be ready to cope with NPCs. You can’t be totally safe even in missions.


One last thing: certain asteroids have traps and you’re at your own peril of mining them.


Now, let’s talk about low security space. In general, when you start a mission on your ship, you will most probably face the local NPCs with the proper damage and resist types. Although these fits are fine for missions, they seem not as good in PvP action. On the contrary, proper PvP setups tend to be ineffective in missions. If you’re running a mission in low security space, you might want to set a balance between your NPC gank/tank config and the PvP requirements.


Since you’re always aligned to a cosmic body, like a satellite or planet, you may want to always check the location and leave a container next to the acceleration gates’ entrance. This will prevent unwanted encounters with pirates.


By Gamerok - eve online isk

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