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Minmatar Pros and Cons

Minmatar: The Minmatars are possibly the most versatile, but tricky to play, race in Eve Online. Their background has known the periods of being enslaved and freed, and the race's appearance resembles what an apocalypse would turn people into: torn, ragged, but strong, ingenious and determined. This is obviously reproduced in both their ships' design and appearance and combat style. It would rather be hard for a Minmatar pilot to resist against the other races at first, but as soon as the Minnie fighter has well trained the skills (i . e ., with all the things trained to a good level-- weapons, ships, missiles, drones, support skills like engineering, mechanic, electronics etc.) he / she can fight under any circumstances piloting any ship class and have a good probability at ending the fight as the winner. The Minmatar must invest in skill training to be able to tank their shields, tank their armor, use drones efficiently, use autocannons and artillery cannons (projectile weapons are the basic weapon for the Minmatar), use missiles, and use modules for speed - afterburners (ABs) and microwarpdrives (MWDs). Speed is generally what is characteristic to the Minmatar; sometimes tanking for the Minmatars means merely using great transversal velocity - which is the speed at which the ship orbits an object, and which results in the fact that the orbiting ship is very difficult or even impossible to hit).

Projectile weapons like any other have their positive and negative aspects. The main advantage of Projectiles is that the Minmatar pilot can, by choosing an ammunition type, decide what type of damage (explosive, electromagnetic, kinetic, thermic) to hit the enemy with. This actually applies to missiles and rockets, as well--and the Minmatar use these types of weapons, too. The main minus of projectile weapons is that one must take around fairly much ammunition to load the weapons with, and also one will have to pause in combat to reload.

The Minmatar most often use Autocannons - their short-range weapon. These have an exceptionally fast rate of fire, but on the other hand won't do much damage per hit. Generally, until one trains for tech2 weapons, the damage from autocannons remains relatively little. Also, there are long-range weapons for the Minmatar - artillery cannons. Artillery has a significantly slower rate of fire but does massive damage at longer ranges. The Minmatar are famous for the "hit-and-run" tactics they are able to use; their ships can warp in, pour impressive damage upon the enemy, and jump back out not allowing to be hit too badly.

As the race seems not to be limited to a certain warfare specialization, Minmatar ships can perform the role they can be fitted for: they can be shield-tanking autocannon gunboats or armor-tanking missile ships or anything in between. The Minmatar also can use drones and rockets.

The Matari ships look as if they were thrown-together from what was at hand and "rusty" as some say, but the Minmatar frigate - the Rifter is arguably the best tackler in the game and one of the 2 best frigates for PvP. And the Heavy Assault Cruiser they have - the Vagabond is almost unbeatable when piloted correctly. The Minmatar cruiser - the Rupture is a pretty good ship to run missions on, and theTempest, a battleship) is quite good for long-range sniping.

The main "con" to choosing the Minmatar race is that you'll have to train your character's skills to very high before your Minmatar fighter shine at his best, also the training implies four or five different skill trees.

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