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Machariel battleship

Machariel is one of the most popular and effective battleships in Eve Online. Based on a Jovian ship design and used by Angel Cartel and a huge number of players in Eve and can be purchased for LP (or loyalty points) from at Angel Cartel. It’s also one of the fastest ships in the game and is equally effective in PvE and PvP battles.

The ship has a significant bonus for Large Projectile Turrets increasing their rate of fire. Also it has bonuses for Minmatar and Gallente. Machariel is famous for it’s speed and for good fitting possibilities. It can be a great damage dealer fitting up to 8 high slots (with 7 turret slots, 0 launcher slots) and also it can be a great tank. The vessel has 5 med slots and a great number of 7 low slots that make it possible to fit it with even more fitting combinations. Also a good drone bay of 123m3 can be used for light and medium drones that can help beat light ships. 
Overall Machariel is a great ship and it’s speed and fitting possibilities sometimes make it hard to pilot it for new players. On the other hand an experienced pilot will have a lot of freedom when it comes to choose a game style and of course fitting the ship according to the chosen style. Players who aren’t as much experienced are better to try the ship in mission to be able to check all the pro’s and con’s of it. 
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