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Learn Managing Your Enemies’ Aggro

 When arriving at an encounter on a perfectly equipped ship, you may have a hard time knowing what you should and should not attack. At times, once you arrive, you are immediately attacked by a stack of NPCs.

In such cases, the best you can do is destroying the NPCs before attacking anything else. When you’re don, employ the Tactical Overlay to determine separate ship groups crowded in the same area. Choose a single ship from such a group and attack it, not touching other ships. Then, wait a bit to see which ships will strike back. In general, only the smallest ships will attack you in response. With this tactic, you can avoid unwanted mass aggro incidents.

Another good idea is to not shoot gun/missile turrets or buildings, lest you’re ready to deal with the entire dead space area. Striking such buildings makes all ships in the area targeting and striking you. Also, you can get the enemy’s full attention by running into some structures.

A lot of higher-level missions will have “tackler” units, which will web you and not let you leave the area or quickly get out of enemy sight. You may consider three tactics to handle tacklers, in dependence on your confidence and skills:

  • Shoot first. If you’re not certain that you may endure all the damage implied, you should be the one to attack a tackler first. This will allow you warping out.

  • Shoot the most damaging ships first. On the other hand, if you’re OK with your capability to endure the damage, you can take on ships that cause most damage before taking on smaller tacklers. This tactic will reduce your overall damage.

  • Secure your escape. The last tactic is installing Warp Core Stabilizers onto your ship. Since the Revelations patch, these stabilizers will reduce your speed and targeting range and will not allow using your low slot. Considering the fact that this procedure can essentially affect your ship’s performance, this is the least desired option.

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