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Jovian Empire in New Eden

The Jovians are the most mysterious and advanced race in New Eden. They possess the most comprehensive technologies among the other races and yet because of the rare disease they are not able to grow in power.

Unlike other races the Jovians are genetically improved humans who look smaller than usual humans, their skin is yellow and they’ve lost of their facial and body hair. They’ve made so much genetic modifications with the goal to improve their bodies and even instincts that their actions damaged their genetic structure and this lead to a fatal disease that is infectious only among Jovians and cause a depression with the inevitable death in the end.

These experiments made the Jovians a quite closed society (only a few had witnessed them and their vessels or their legendary mothershps). Despite this fact and because their technological advances they sometimes sell their technologies and devices to other races. Also it is a known fact that Jovians use spy methods to watch closely on their former human brethren.

Jovian’s advanced technology and their secrecy makes their appearance in the game quite special. At this point there’s no player who was able to fly a Jovian ship or witness their empire. Maybe in future game updates we’ll see the further rise or the fall of the Jovians.

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