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How to stay safe in Eve Online

If you plan to play Eve Online you must understand that you are going to lose your ship at some point. This is inevitable. You will also loose the valuable items you have in your cargo hold, expensive modules you fit to your ships. You will even getting pod killed (the maximum kill that is possible in the game). These all are just a part of EVE. 

But of course, there are some ways that help people to keep their vessels and characters more safe and minimize possible losses. Basically avoiding big and unjustified losses is about being careful enough and using some simple features and options provided by the game. So below is a list of useful tips and tricks that can help you increase your safety in-game and allow updating your medical clone less often.
Do not play Eve Online in "away from computer" (AFK) mode. Eve does not allow this kind of playing style in the sense that other players can profit of your being AFK (in simple words, they can destroy your ship). So when you leave your toon and ship in space and go away from your computer, expect anything and do not believe they are safe. 

When you go to areas with security status below 0.5 , do not expect to be protected and saved by sentry guns, CONCORD, and such. Enter unprotected areas at your own risk and remember that your safety depends solely on you. 

Do not forget to Insure the ships you use, especially the ones that cost a lot. See the insurance types available for you and decide which of them is reasonable for your ship. Basically, insurance will help you to quickly get another ship if you lose the insured one. 

Even if you fly in high sec, do not expect CONCORD to keep you 100% protected from being attacked or ship losses. CONCORD will punish the aggressor with no expection, the problem is that it cannot prevent the agression and will definitely not compensate you for the loot and ship you lost as a result of a suicide gank, for instance. 

The same applies to Sentry Guns - they cannot keep you a 100% safe. Especially when you traveling in low sec. Experienced players know several techniques to avoid damage from Sentry Guns, so you may become a victim if you only rely on this type of protection.
Use the Eve map (F10) and the filters that are available to you (e.g. "ships destroyed in the last hour") to recognize potential player pirate camps and other unsafe locations. 

Keep the local chat channel open and monitor it to see what’s going on within the solar system you have just jumped in.
Use Warp Core Stabilizers when you need to travel to remote locations to be able to resist warp jamming. The more, the more interesting.

Even if your ship is warp scrambled it is not the end, yet, you still have chances to survive. 

Try to move away from the spot - choose some empty space and double click there - your ship will start moving in that direction. Unless you're also being webified, you have the chance to excape. 

Use the overview scanner and use the option to alert you in case anything in scanning range represents a possible risk to you.
If you are jammed, try to write on local and offer some amount of ISK to the aggressor for not blowing your ship up (in case it is reasonable for you) - they may agree to let you go. 

Since even in low sec some stations have sentry guns, you may find it better to warp to that station with at least some protection from sentry guns than jump to a Gate that has no protection at all and at which you may be expected by enemies. 

When you are in low sec or null sec, the most safe places for you are those somewhere in space . The gates are known and watched, if you're in null sec or you know that there is no station with sentries, the best thing to do is to make some so called safe spot - bookmarks in space while warping through the system - open "People and places" (alt + E) and bookmark several spots. When in danger, you'll be able to warp to one of the bookmarks, and when discovered on one spot, you'l be able to jump to another one. 

If you need to mine or run a mission in low security systems, always keep your ship aligned to a gate or a safespot - this will allow to save your time and warp away faster without the need to turn your ship in the needed direction. This is especially necessary for larger ships that turn slowly. 

When you stay cloacked at a gate and understand you need to get out quickly, activate your MicroWarp Drive (MWD) before you click to go / warp to your destination - by the moment you get uncloaked and head to the destionation the last portion of the MWD thrust will help you get into warp much faster. 

To create an even better "safespot" bookmark, create it while in warp and go to it before your warp ends.
Then select another spot that is not the same line the previous two are on, to warp to it and create one more bookmark .This way you will have a spot between 3 points in space which will make it hard for your enemies to find you. 

Always upgrade your medical clone! Make sure it holds more skill points than you have at a moment of time. 

Make sure that your autopilot always has where to take you to - i.e. it is set with a different, not the one you're in, solar system as a waypoint. 

All you'll have to do to go in warp in case of a threat is to hit the Autopilot button. 

Treat any other players as hostiles. Unless you know for sure they are not so. Be prepared that they can aggress and kill you at any time.

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