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How not to be scammed in Eve

In our previous articles we’ve talked about the most popular scam schemes in Eve Online. It’s important to understand that scamming in the game is actually legal so it’s useless to report scammers and its much more important to avoid potentially risky situations.
Trust is important to the game. It is the thing that allows you to communicate with others, build corporations and alliances. But unfortunately, there are a lot of players who will use someone’s trust for their own purposes. So it’s always important to be ready for a betrayal and do not trust too much. This may sound bad but it’s crucial to understand that in New Eden in some of the situations you’ll have to trust only in yourself.
So first things first - if you see something that’s too good to be true or an unusually good offer that might be a scam. Don’t fall for offers that are too generous especially if these offers come from players you don’t actually know. As we’ve wrote previously, these might be doubling offers or such deals where an item is much cheaper than on the local market. 
While these types of scams are actually legal in the game be sure not to fall for things that might lead the scammers to a ban. For example never give your login name and password to strangers offering free isks or items. Never will GM’s ask your login info so make sure to report all of these scammers at once before they find more innocent pilots who will actually believe them. 
And even in the times when an offer doesn’t look suspicious and the player who makes it is trustworthy always listen to your feelings and if you have some doubts - avoid it. In most of the unpleasant situations when people get scammed they have the feeling that something is wrong and they made a mistake by not listening to their feelings and doubts. 
While these tips are quite simple it’s always important in Eve to be aware of the possible scams and besides that it’s important in any MMO and even in the daily life. 
By Gamerok - eve online isk
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