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How can I use frigates later in the game?

As we all know frigates are great starter ships. Usually most of the players do their first missions on these vessels, have their first fights, do some mining and learn the basics of fitting. While it’s great for almost everything that involves learning the basics of the game if you play for at least one month you won’t use frigates so often. But what are these small and fast ships good if you’re a more experienced player.

The frigates have a great moving speed and this makes them the best choice to travel outside the Empire in different low-sec and even null-sec systems. Their speed allows them to get away from pirates and almost every threat they will encounter.

Also for the exact same reason – for frigate’s speed and small size they’re great for looting and salvaging. While looting is a dangerous thing to do because other players who’ve shot the ships you’re going to loot will have the right to attack you, salvaging, on the other hand is completely safe. Even if somebody will attack you (if you’re doing it in a high-sec for example) they will have to face the Concord. And nobody wants to loose his more or less valuable ship by simply killing a simple frigate. Besides that salvaging is a great professions which allows you to make additional isks and some players even manage to make enough isks for a PLEX.

Frigates also can be used in many other ways but we will talk about them in next article.

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