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Gallente Pros and Cons

Gallente:The Gallenteans are sometimes called "the 2nd Chosen Race of CCP" by some players. The Gallente are a race of remarkable combat pilots; the race's history, fictionally, is of a humans who value and protect freedom by no matter what ways required, and are brilliant fighters for that reason, with a small choice of combat tactics suitable for them. The Gallenteans have the inclination towards EW (Electronic-warfare) and to using drones. The race's outstanding battleship, the Dominix, is a vehicle to worry coming up against: it will lock, use Energy Neutralizers / Nosferatu and warp scramble the enemy, and after that launch hordes of combat unmanned vehicles - drones to munch the hostile ship to pieces.

The way the Gallente use drones is phenomenal. Their ships in most cases have good sized drone bays that are capable of launching several portions of combat drones; the drones are also used for repairing ships, EW (electronic warfare) and for other tasks. The Gallente ships usually have bonuses for the drone use. Aside from that, Gallente ships use hybrid turrets to shoot (similar to the Caldari), which means railguns and blasters, but use these much more heavily than the Caldari as these are their primary weapons. The ships of the Gallente that are ranked among the best ships in the game include the Thorax (cruiser), Myrmidon (battlecruiser), and the above-mentioned Dominix, a battleship, which along with the Megathron (another Gallente battleship) can output colossal damage. Gallente ships are massive damage dealers, generally, and typically have strong tanks to break through.

The only real disadvantages to the Gallente include the fact that they need to heavily use drones for larger damage, and that their guns use ammunition (which means some cargo space is lost, and some time in battle is lost for reloading the weapons). And finally, the Gallente ships are arguably the slowest in Eve, so for the ones preffering hit-and-run play style the Gallenteans may be not the best choice.

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