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First steps in Eve

There are a lot of new players in Eve Online and there are a lot of players who do not know what to do from the start. Unlike other MMO games Eve Online offers a lot of possibilities from the start and it doesn’t define the path you’ll take and even the race you choose doesn’t define who you are. In other words you’re completely free from the first minutes of the gameplay.

The best thing to do from the start is to take a tutorial and try out all the tutorial tips and read all the pages. It helps you learn the basics of the game and also will let you try them out. You’ll learn how to fly, how to act in a combat, mine ore and etc. After you’ll be done with the tutorial, go and check your first missions with the local agents that are available to you. When you’ll choose the agent type (security, mining and etc.) you’ll be able to progress through missions, get more and more isks, new ships and explore new systems. While you’ll be doing missions you’ll learn how to fit your ship with different weapons, modules and etc. Fitting ships is crucial in the game and while doing missions you’ll understand how different fittings change your chances of winning and losing.

Also consider checking the local chat for new players and don’t hesitate to ask the experienced players. There are a lot of pilots who are more than willing to help the new players.

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