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Eve Online economy

One of the many interesting things in Eve Online is its unique and vast economy. The main thing that distinguishes the economy of Eve Online universe and makes it so much fun is the fact that the game’s economy is mostly driven by players. The cost of a certain ship or item in ISKs  (Interstellar Kredits – Eve Online in-game currency) depends on the player’s supply and depand. More to say, these items and ships are in most cases produced by player themselves.


Many players are involved in Eve economy by trading goods, producing them or harvesting the raw materials that are needed for production. Some players offer transportation services that are devoted to transporting safe and fast these kinds of items and materials, and some on the other hand are pirates – who gain profit by attacking and salvaging other players.


In-game scamming and fraud actions are not prohibited and it is always recommended to be careful while purchasing items and avoid involvement in strange schemes, that are very popular in Eve universe.


The complexity and a certain realism of Eve Online’s economy makes it a very captivating experience that makes a lot of players avoid any economy related  activities and spend their time by selling items, doing fraud-schemes, mining and etc.


By Gamerok - eve item

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