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Drones in Eve

Drones and drone warfare play an important role in the game of Eve Online. These small vehicles in the battle can be a serious threat to the opponent and inflict significant amount of damage or they can have a support role. Drones are not piloted, but instead they are conrolled by the player who have launched them from his drone bay.

The drone’s size and usability is determined by the ships drone bay size and bandwidth. And of course, the drones require a significant amount of skills to be trained so they could be used properly. Usually larger ships have larger drone bays and in most cases the size of them depends on the player’s race. For example, Gallente ships have some of the biggest drone bays, whil Caldari ones have quite limited drone bay size. The number of the drones is determined by the current skill level increasing with every level and the maximum amount of drones is five for most of the ships (except the carriers and the Guardian-Vexor cruiser). Carriers can deploy up to fifteen drones and the biggest number of drones that can be used is applied to a mothership.

Also a pilot who depends on drones can have several important ship upgrades that will improve its drone performance.  Drone Navigation Computer I makes the drones faster and eventually the drones inflict more damage with higher speed and is made for a mid slot. Drone Link Augmentor I increases the drone control range to 20km and it takes a high slot. The other recommended modules are Omnidirectional Tracking Link I (that increases their speed and range) and the Drone Control Unit I (for bigger vessels: increases the maximum amount of drones).

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