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Drone types:Part II

In our previous article we’ve talked about types of drones and expecially about different classes of combat drones. While combat drones are the most popular drones in Eve there are a lot of useful drones that exist in Eve Online.

Outside the usual combat drones there are electronice warfare drones. They can’t deal damage but the role of these drones is to boost yours or your friend’s combat effectiveness or reduce the dps of the enemy. There are several types of electronic warfare drones:

- drones with tracking disruptors that reduce the tracking spee of the enemy
- drones that use jamming and prevent the emeny to have you locked as his target
- drones with sensore dampener that decrease the target range and the speed of the enemy
 - target painter drones increase the target lock of the friendly vessels and slightly increases weapon damage
- combat utility drones decrease the capacitor of the enemy by using energy neutralizers
- logistics drones are a special type of support drones because their job is to repair the damaged ships and are used for shield boosting or repairing armor

The last type of drones is the minig drone. These drones will mine the asteroid for a period of time, bring the ore to the vessel and will get back to the asteroid. The amount of ore that the minig drone will bring back depends on skills and different rigs.

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