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Destroyers in Eve Online

These medium-sized vessels are considered quite dangerous in New Eden and especially in big numbers. While there there’s not a lot of types of destroyers out there (4 tech I and 4 tech II destroyers), they’re quite popular among even the most experienced pilots.

The destroyers have usually more high slots available than frigates and other ships (some of them are even bigger than destroyers) and can deal a lot of damage to small and medium-sized targets. They are versatile opponents and still are available for new players and especially for those who only have a trial account, although, you’ll have to spend more isks in a destroyer than for a frigate. These ships are great for level I and level II missions, for escorting larger ships, for mining and for salvaging. It’s a fast and powerful ship that will be able to flee from a fight that’s not going so well. Unfortunately, they have weak defense systems and also are less capable to fight with rockets and missiles.

In most cases these ships are popular for new players who take first level missions and for salvaging for more experienced players. Destroyers are not that type of vessels that you want to use for higher level missions of for PvP, but all in all it is a great class for beginners and even for more experienced pilots.

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