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Deadspace exploring

Eve is full of places that make the gaming experience slightly different every time you explore them. Deadspace is one of them. The difference between deadspace and other regions lies in the inability to use warping. The only way to get to deadspace is to use an acceleration gate.

This fact makes the deadspace an ideal place for setting up a base by simply controlling the gates. Many pirate factions and even the drones use these gates and mostly deadspace is used for shipyards, asteroid processing fields and other facilities. Usually the inhabitants of deadspace make special deadspace complexes – several deadspace pockets that are connected with acceleration gates. Sometimes to access the gates you’ll have to use a special key.

To find the deadspace regions you can view the DED reports, which you can find on in the control panel when the world map is on in the DED Deadspace report option. You can view the information about the exact deadspace system and their value. Usually a lot of valuable loot and isks for bounty can be gained from exploring these deadspace complexes and killing the enemies, but in most cases it’s important to bring your friends because some of them can be very dangerous for lone pilots.

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