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DUST 514

DUST 514 is a unique game in the gaming industry. It’s a modern 3D shooter that is developed exclusively for PlayStation 3. Besides being devoted to the Eve Online universe it is closely tied to the MMO Eve Online. Everything that happens in Eve Online has a close impact on the game and in some situations vessels from Eve Online will be able to bombard the battlefields of DUST 514.

A player in DUST 514 will be able to control a single soldier for the most of the gameplay. You’ll have to fight your enemies on different planets of New Eden. One of the players from each team will be have a more strategic look over the battlefield and will be able to command the troops. Also he will be able to command a mobile command center which will be able to harvest the resources and defend itself with turrets and shields.

The whole skill system is very similar to the skill system in Eve Online. It will take approximately 7 years to train all of them and like in Eve Online you won’t be needing all of them to be an effective soldier. You’ll be free to customize your character skills and talents and try to take a unique role in the battlefield.

Also there will be vehicles in the games and players will be able to control them which will also have different modules and could be heavily customized.  And of course the game will have a free-to-play distribution model which means that if you have a PS3 you’ll be able to enjoy Eve Online Universe without having a PC and paying a cent.

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