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Clones in Eve Online

Cloning is a technology that saves you a pilot from death. When you die in fight you will appear in your body's clone stored in a space station. At the time you wake in your medical clone, a new basic clone will be issued to you at no cost. You are strongly adviced upgrade the basic medical clone straight away to fit your skill point needs.

There exist 3 separate kinds of clones: Current clone, Medical clone, and Jump clones.

Everyone in Eve: Online has a Current clone and a Medical clone. In case you (in your current clone) get killed in your pod, you go to the Medical clone. After that it is made your new current clone and a new medical clone is automatically generated which can consequently be upgraded. Anytime you clone jump, your preceding Current clone turns into a jump clone and your destination Jump clone becomes your current clone. You can effectively transfer your jump clones to any station by making it your current clone, arriving to another station and then jump into a different clone. Before a jump clone can be used, the skill 'Infomorph Psychology' will need to be trained, each level allows you to create +1 jump clone.

Current Clone

The current clone is the instance you are currently using. All the skills and implants are inside this clone. There are two things that can occur to your current clone; you may get killed or you will leave it into a station by using clone jumping.

Each time you get killed you are instantly be placed into your medical clone. If the medical clone quality is sufficient, the skills will be transferred to it but all the implants will be lost.

If you clone jump, the current clone is stored into the station with all the implants which means you can jump back into that body later.

Medical Clone

You will automatically have 1 medical clone granted to you. It's the feature of being a pod pilot in Eve universe. Your basic medical clone model will have a memory limitation that can be over come by changing it to a more expensive type. If you get podded and your clone did not have large enough memory volume for all your skill points you had, you are going to lose skill points from the skill that had the largest number of skill points allocated to it. This can result in months of lost learning of a skill and can even prevent you from piloting your ship.

To make your clone up to date, click on the Medical button from within a station and proceed to buy your a more advanced clone type. The clone types vary in cost based upon what amount of skill points you decide to "cover." You should at all times have a clone ready with more skill points than you have trained for. That way, after you get cloned, you are going to conserve all your skill points. As you progress you can upgrade your clone to a higher level one, nonetheless there is no need to upgrade to a clone that is substantially higher compared to your actual skills.

To relocate your clone, you can decide on which station you prefer your clone to be brought to. This happens by clicking on the "Change Station" icon and select the another station. The transfer takes places immediately and if you die you are going to appear in this cosmic station.

Jump Clones

Jump clones are special clones you can use to jump from one region to a different one without having to make the whole trip in your ship. You can jump out of your body full of implants into another clone at some remote region, do some PvP and even be killed while the implants are safe and sound in the old body and you can simply just clone jump to it afterwards (you will be unable to jump clone for another twenty four hours).

By Gamerok - Eve Isk

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