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Battleships in Eve Online

Battleships are one of the biggest ships in Eve before the capital ships and they are designed specifically for war.  These vessels are very popular as they can deal huge amounts of damage to most of the ship in New Eden and are made for more experienced players. You can usually find them in the battle in an attack role bombarding his enemies.

They are capable to use a great number of fitting devices so they have multiple fitting possibilities. This makes even more hard to beat because they can use a lot of devices that are specified for tanking and take damage from bigger ships or the ships of the same size and from smaller vessels with the use of drones. Unfortunately, in the fight battleships are first priority targets and it is possible to receive fire from all possible directions. Also it’s hard to fight large numbers of smaller ships as their weapons are made to fire at big targets.

There are several types of battleships: standart ones, faction battleships, black ops and marauders. If the navy ones are a modification of the standart vessels, the marauders and black ops are more interesting. Marauders are specially made for PvE and are unfortunately not so well in PvP. The black ops ships operate behind enemy lines and have good cloaking abilities and also can limited jump bridges for covert ships.

By Gamerok - eve isk

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