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Angel cartel

There are multiple NPC’s in the game and a lot of them are not so friendly towards the most of the players. During different missions the player has a chance to meet different enemies and groups of enemies. One of these groups is the Angel Cartel – a huge crime syndicate operating at many parts of New Eden and that are responsible for a lot of crimes and criminal schemes.

Most of the Angel Cartel is located in the Curse region – the old home of the famous jovians. 
Some consider that the jovian technology made Angel Cartel so powerful. Once the Angel Cartel pirates occupied the Curse region they began scavenging the old Jove bases and settlements. Today Angel Cartel is the largest crime syndicate in New Eden and have their own unique ships that are possibly based on Jove technology. 
The Angel Cartel members are smugglers and control a notable part of the grey market in New Eden. Despite their numbers almost nothing is known about the commanders of the Cartel. These commanders are known as the Dominations. Almost nothing is known about the Domination members, despite the fact that they come from all the races and are located far from most of the Angel bases at the Curse region. Although Angel Cartel have great success in their illegal actions there are a lot of things to worry about because they have a lot of enemies and more of them will come in the future.
By Gamerok - eve isk
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