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Amarr Pros and Cons

Amarr: The Amarr are according to the plot an hi-tech slaveholding race, believing in their race's purity and superiority. In the game that is manifested by their well made laser weapons systems. There exist 2 different types of lasers -- pulse and beam--for long distance and short range. The laser weapons must be fitted with crystals -- these crystals both concentrate the beam and can adjust the damage. The advantage of of using crystals is that an pilot on an Amarr ship won't have to carry around "bullets" or cease fire to in order to reload his / her weapons. The disadvantages are that the crystal "ammo" at some point wears down, and can do so in the time of fight if the player doesn't take notice. What's more (and this is very important) the Amarr weapons use capacitor to fire. This implies that the Ammarian ships have less capacitor available to give to a tank, and that if the spaceship has no capacitor energy that happens whether because the ship used it all, or because an enemy is applies an energy neutralization module or Nosferatu (energy drain), the lasers will cease firing till the capacitor restores its energy.

Amarrian boats are most often a tough opponent. They are in addition the second-fastest in Eve Online, in general; in accordance with their "technological superiority" aspect, the ships have a tendency to be very bright and slick, often looking like a concentration of pure gold. The Amarr have one of the best Battleships in the Eve galaxy, and most of their ships are able to commonly hold their own in a battle. Besides, the Punisher is one of the two best frigates in Eve Online.

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