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A Brief Guide to Camera Drones

Since capsule technology was introduced to the empires, there were tried out a few methods concerning the visualization of the area to the captain located in a capsule. The first method was using the data received from the wide range of scanners, painting a realistic landscape in the captain’s mind. However, after it was extensively tested, it was revealed that this method causes severe disorientation and nausea for most non-Jove captains. The same or similar reasons caused other methods to be discarded in the end. As a result, the empire found the best solution in simple cameras connected directly to mini screens in the helmet of a captain. In the beginning, these cameras were installed on the ship’s hull, but with the arrival of electrical weapons they got too exposed to damage from electric charges.


The first to test drone-mounted cameras were the Gallenteans. They initially developed this method during the research of more effective point-defense arms. Over time, this method was adopted by other races and is now a common thing. All empires manufacture their own kinds of camera drones originating from that of the Gallenteans. While initially only one camera was employed, today two cameras are mounted to provide a stereoscopic view. Camera drones are not attached right to the ship, but are held on some distance by a combination of repulsive electromechanical and attractive magnetic forces. This allows orbiting the ship at any position and avoids the need of refueling the drones.


The captain can command the camera drone through the neural link. Captain gets a clear sight of their environment right away. Due to camera’s location, it is not as exposed to weapon outbursts that hit the hull of the ship. However, the drone is destroyable, either on purpose or by accident. Every ship abounds in camera drone reserves. Protection of the drones is quite unpractical due to their distant location from the ship. They are very cheap, so it’s much easier to just store a whole lot of them.


By Gamerok - eve isk

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