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Ship insurance

New Eden is a dangerous place. Even if you’re in the Empire you still have the risks of being killed. You can loose your ship by doing missions, by being attacked by being suicide ganked (if you have some valuable items with you like a PLEX) or when you’re in a low or a nullsec. While it’s easy to say that these situations must be avoided it would be smarter if you insure your ship on a local station.

Ship insurance means that if you’ll lose the ship the insurance company will pay you a part of the isks you’ve spend depending on the insurance package you chose from the start. There are several insurance packages available: basic, standard, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. While basic package offers only a small compensation for the lost ship while it’s relatively cheap the platinum package costs a lot more but in this case you’ll receive more isks if you happen to lose the ship. Each ship’s value is calculated automatically with the value of all materials that were required to build the ship an this price will change from time to time.

Also it’s important to keep in mind that there are several ways to lose your insurance. You will lose it if you’ll perform one of these actions: repackage the ship, trade it, if you’ll place it in the corp hangar, sell it, contract it or it will be destroyed by CONCORD forces. Also insurance contracts do not last for long – they expire in twelve weeks from the time you’ve insured your ship so it’s also good to keep it in mind.

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