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Frigates in Eve Online

Frigates in New Eden are small ships that are capable to perform multiple types of tasks: from mining, combat, running valuable cargoes and travelling to distant places. Usually frigates are used to train pilots and to learn the basics and for some simple tasks because of their cheap price and the possibility to replace such a ship quite fast.

The ship’s size is the strength of the frigate because is is able to maneuver fast and to avoid fire from large weapons. Also in large numbers this kind of ships can deal terrible amount of damage to ships that are bigger in size but are much less agile. They are able to leave a battle that isn’t going well for them, repair fast and get back in the to fight.

But they have thin armor and can be easily destroyed by small weapons and at big ranges by bigger ships. Other than that there are a lot of types of frigates and special versions of them such as faction frigates are available for a player. While they may seem weak their large range of possibilities and a cheap price makes a frigate a good rookie ship and a cheap and fast ship for more experienced players. It doesn’t take long to start flying on these ships when you’re a first-timer with a trial account so a frigate is the best starter ship.

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