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Caldari Pros and Cons

Caldari: The Caldari are often named "the Chosen Race" of Eve, not because of any fictional feature but instead because of the fact CCP (the Eve's developer company) quite often appear to favour this race when creating new in-game features. Actually, a great number of Eve Online players choose Caldari.

As a basic overview, the Caldari boats are extremely hard to beat when it is about PvE performance--missioning etc--and are remarkably important in fleet support, utilising ranged firepower and ECM to assist flip the tide of combat. In solo PvP, though, they find their jobs a bit harder; Caldari boats are hard to fit with tanks, tackling modules and DPS concurrently, caused by the fact that they are to a great extent biased toward shield-tanking and it is difficult for them to find enough medium-slots to fit their ships.

The Caldari work with missile weapons to their whole advantage. A Caldari pilot can be noticed in combat keeping far back beyond his gang-members, almost unreachable to attack as he shoots volley after volley of long-distance explosions. Missiles do very good damage, though are likely to have a low RoF (rate of fire); this is often reduced for, however, by the Caldari ship bonuses. The Caldari have fairly good frigates (the Kestrel and Merlin are both good combat ships), a excellent PvE cruiser - the Caracal, an outstanding, some players believe overpowered Battlecruiser - The Drake, a few excellent EW (electronic warfare) ships and an really good battleship and also a great EW battleship.

The Caldari also use hybrid weapons. The Ferox is the ship to most take advantage of this, and is regularly equipped as a long-range gunboat. The Moa, too (a cruiser) also is apt to use these kinds of guns. The tier 3 battleship Rokh has bonuses to railguns, long-distance hybrid weapons. Hybrid turrets, however, are less used than missiles in the Caldari fighting style.

The con-s to choosing the Caldari for fighting are not many, but include the fact that considerable amounts of cargo space must be allocated to missiles and ammo, that after fully-trained as a Caldari fighter, one can only seriously use missiles or hybrid turrets, and that the missile weapons of the Caldari are characterized by a low rate-of-fire. At present, nevertheless, the advantages of the Caldari far outweigh the downsides.

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