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One of the most popular multiplayer games — EVE Online has been standing out among other similar games for many years due to its realistic economic model. Every player in the game gets unfettered opportunity to buy and sell anything, any in game items — from ships to even Eve characters. Because of this, new players are able to not spend a long time to catch up with the more experienced players - they can immediately purchase various eve items, which will accelerate and simplify the game process.

Another feature of the game is that the learning of any skill takes place and is measured in real life time, regardless of whether the player is logged on to the game or not. Time is basically the biggest obstacle for the progress of a character in game. Training skills to high levels may take weeks and even months. The only ways to improve this is to buy eve character or to buy eve items - various implants, ships, modules, etc., which will either improve your characters attributes and consequently shorten your skill training, or will allow you to enjoy the game without having to invest your time in making ISK first before you can buy a module you need for your eve ship.

To conduct trade in game there is market and the contracts system, where you can buy or sell any eve item. The market in Eve is very close to the real one — here players can deceive others, sell items overpriced by many times or offer a very cheap buy price; deficiency is also possible — players may be unable to quickly buy eve items they needs in the region they're in at a certain time, or there may be no buy orders for the items players try to sell. Especially beginners are at most risk of being cheated on the free gaming market. 

On our website, we keep an assortment of the most needed and demanded eve items. We sell such in game items as eve ships, PLEX, characters, implants, blueprints, and even the in game currency — Eve ISK. Whichever item you buy from us will be delivered to you promptly and in a convenient manner — through a personal contract.

We keep our price affordable and correlated with the prices in the major in game trading hubs which offer the best prices, so the situation when you have to buy an item at a 10 times higher price is excluded.

All items offered for sale are produced in game by our team of experienced players, who've been seriously playing EVE-online almost from its launch. We can even manufacture the largest ships for you and your alliance.

Purchases of eve items on our website are equivalent to at least a few intense days spent online — the time required to train a necessary skill and research and manufacture an item can be easily exchanged into an instant delivery of a drawing (BPO or BPC) or a ship. Time - is the key to victory and success in the game, and the less you spend it, the more fun you have. Buying eve items helps you most efficiently and quickly have a more valuable account.