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What is CONCORD?

Most of the Eve players know that CONCORD is some sort of a police in New Eden. They are the force that is able to intervene in some hard situations and attack the criminals. But CONCORD is something much more interesting. 


Consolidated Cooperation and Relations Command is a combined force of all the factions in New Eden that has its goal to protect all the nations in New Eden from crime. It was created not so long ago and CONCORD forces represent a unique organisation - its equal for all the races of New Eden and does not depend on one of the states. Actually it is founded by all of the empire and this is why CONCORD is able to follow its own goals. 


Besides that CONCORD guarantees peace and its goal is to ease the tension between the empires. It’s important to say that they had huge success and even in the most unpleasant periods of time they’ve managed to maintain peace and prevent conflicts. 


CONCORD is a combination of several different  units or departments and each one has its own goals and unique methods. The most powerful and influential departments in CONCORD are:


· CAD (Commerce Assessment Department) controls interstellar trade regulations and agreements;


· DED (Directive Enforcement Department) has worked to protect order in controlled regions. They are especially effective in high security regions and are able to protect the players one they get into trouble. Once a player will attack another player CONCORD protect the capsuleer that is under attack and will destroy the ship of the aggressor. From this moment the aggressive player will have his security status lowered and will be considered a criminal. And from now on he will be attacked on sight by CONCORD forces. CONCORD is the main reason why this kind of players has to stay in the low security regions.


By Gamerok - eve isk

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