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Sansha’s Nation: Part III

In our previous overview of the Sansha’s Nation we’ve described their social life and the difference between the True Citizens and the True Slaves. Now we’re going to focus on something different - on Sansha’s Nation technology, ships, their ability to create wormholes and the implants. They are very technologically advanced and in some fields even surpass the most of the factions.

They are great at creating sophisticated vessels with advanced laser technology and alien-like design. Outside lasers they use very efficient and powerful equipment - energy neutralizers, shields, armour repairers, afterburners and etc. They have made several famous ship designs with various internals. The most well-known are the Nightmare, Succubus, Revenant and the Phantasm. These ships are known among capsuleers but there are some that are still hidden. Only some of them were seen but nobody yet knows their names and have seen them in close.
Sansha’s Nation is also famous for their wormhole technology. They are able to create the wormholes and use them for travelling and attacking their opponents. However, it’s not that simple - travelling through them can be very dangerous for the ship. This wormhole technology is unknown outside the Nation thus giving them a great advantage over others.
The implant technology is even more important and crucial for the Nation - it makes them able to sustain their society. The Slave implants allow them to control the slaves and suppress their individuality and will. They are quite different in shape and forms and have different functions. Some are used to control the slaves and others - to enhance the capabilities of the True Citizen. Even capsuleers use the implants but unlike the Sansha’s Nation citizens they don’t fall under the control of the Nation because some important parts of the implants that fell into capsuleer’s hands were missing. 
By Gamerok - eve online isk
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