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Sansha’s Nation: Part II

In this article we’ll describe the Sansha’s Nation society and we’ll go deeper into some of the aspects of the social life of the Nation. As we wrote before Sansha’s Nation mostly relies on brainwashed slaves that are obliged to do all the work. Only a small percent of the whole Nation are free people and most of them are the slaves. 

The slave part of the Nation are called True Slaves. These slaves do pretty much all the work in the Nation’s society. The slaves were abducted from all over the New Eden and had special implants that allowed the free ones to control them.
However slaves are not totally controlled. Some of them like the high military command have some sort of individuality and can even make free decisions. Some of them may even look and act the same as before. But most of them are usually described and having no will and mindless. 
They are controlled with a technology that is like a hive-mind - every slave receives instructions from the command center and sends back important information. Also it is incredibly difficult to remove the implants. These implants heavily damage their personality and it’s almost impossible to recover the person whp was abducted and controlled by the Nation. Unfortunately, the slaves have only one will - to die and once the implants are removed the formed slaves usually commit suicides. 
The free Nation’s citizens are called the True Citizens. They join the Nation with their own will and have their personalities undamaged. However they too have the implants. In most cases they are used to boost the citizen’s possibilities but in some situations they can be used to convert the rebellious citizen back or even make him a slave. In this case it’s hard to say that Nation’s True Citizens are totally free - they too obey Sansha. If a True Citizen is damaged through the implants he too won’t be able to return to his normal being. 
By Gamerok - eve isk
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